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Costa Vista Boracay, Aklan
IN BORACAY....See sunsets in dramatic colors that slowly transform into dazzling curtains of night's star.Hear palms rustling in rhythms syncopated with the dancing of waves on the shore.Smell the heady fragrance of tropical blossoms mingling with the gentle scent of salty air.Feel the wind on the skin and the calming massage of powder - fine sand on the feet.Taste the freshest seafood melding with the cool flavors of lush tropical fruits.There is an irresistible lure to Boracay.......An allure that captures the soul tight, making one more 0 Available
Vista Suarez Cebu, Cebu City
Soar into great investments heights. Vista ResidencesVista Residences is the marketing arm of the biggest homebuilder in the country, Vista Land. Since its launch in 2003, Vista Residences has become a formidable player in the vertical development sector of the real estate industry. It continues to address the rising demand for condominium living in the metropolis and key destinations with 24 buildings, and counting, in various stages of development.Fully understanding the various profiles of its markets, Vista residences has created a roster of condominium series more 0 Available
  • Costa Vista Boracay Aklan
  • Vista Suarez Cebu Cebu City
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